Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ginger and Winston

Such a "ruff" Sunday morning in our household.

Look at my animals - for example.

Ginger - the cat.

Winston - the dog.

Here is Ginger - all nice and cozy - in Winston's cage.

Poor Win! He's been waiting patiently for Ginger to get her butt out of his cage!

Oh...looks like she's really getting comfy!

Oh no she isn't! He's not taking this any longer!

Move over! I'm coming in!

There. This is better. Isn't it Ginger!

Now I can sniff and lick myself in the comfort of my home.

Oh? Ginger! Where ya going? Ginger?

 I'm moving over to Mommy! She has more class than you!

There. This is much better. On the couch with Mommy and Alexander!
No licking or sniffing going on over here!



The end.

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