Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Few Pictures of Carp Fair

I did not get to take to many pictures of the fair.

There were sooooooooooooo many people. I read a news article on the fair and it's estimated that 50,000 people will attend over the weekend.


That's a lot!

Anyways.....trying not to lose the kids took away from my picture taking.

Priorities eh?

Here is Alex....on his favourite ride....EVER! 
He's so tiny compared to all the big kids on the ride!

And here he is getting of "Starship 3000"....we had no idea what the ride was like other than it spun - round and round and round.

When we got home, we youtubed "starship 3000".....
Boy oh boy.
He sure is brave!

Up high on the Ferris Wheel...

In line for that killer upside down side ways "fun" ride! 

....and they're next!

Lauren and her friend on "Ali Baba".
The line for this ride was probably an hour....
Well worth the wait though!

Alex and his friend getting ready for "The Sizzler"...

There they go...
Just watching this ride makes me want to puke. Ugh.

The end.

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