Saturday, October 1, 2011

Five Arch Stone Bridge in Pakenham

It was sooooooooooooo cold today.

We were planning on going to the ski hill in Calabogie, and take the chair lift up the mountain, but it was freezzzingggggg cold!

So instead, we ventured out to one of my favourite places to visit....Pakenham and the Five Arch Bridge.

The water was extremely low.
I found a strangers flickr picture to show you what it normally looks like.

In the summer time, people can be found walking in it (guilty!) but there are two big signs that warn NOT to do it....strong undertow. A man died there this summer doing that. The current is so strong; it's easy to lose your balance.

I don't think we'll be wading in the water there anymore...

In the first picture, where the kids, dad and the dog are walking, there is usually a nice stream of water rushing down.

Not today. Bone dry.

Winston loves to lay down in the water....doesn't matter how cold it is!

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